About Us

THE BLU BOX is India's first Luxury Wedding Registry Company. The company aims to change the way we see gift-giving at weddings & baby showers.
Making Gifting Smart & Convenient.

"In 2017 when I got married in Jim Corbett, I was looking for an easy & practical way to get gifts from my friends & family. I was surprised to find no options for creating a wedding gift registry in India.
While it was a very old concept in States, it is still alien to India. My aim is to change the perception around Wedding Gifts. It will start with moving away from the standard gift items and replacing them with an intention to give the power of choice to the bride & groom to choose what they really want in their life after the wedding."
-Tanushree Srivastava
Founder & CEO, The Blu Box

It's all about the journey

We know the journey from being engaged to being married can be overwhelming. We have kept that in mind and carefully designed processes to make things easy for you.

We will help you understand what you might need after marriage depending upon the type of couple you are and facilitate everything around the process of creating & managing a wedding registry incredibly simple.

Our Brand Philosophy


Provide each customer a special registry experience. The Registry Guide will be a friend every step of the way


We respect that all of us come from different cultures & background. Preserving our cultural heritage is vital to us

Embrace Change

Be receptive to positive & crucial changes that can make a difference in our lives


The Blu Box

Bringing together Brides from across the world to share their life & journey after the wedding

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